What Others Say…

A great experience is everything! Creating the win/win experience is what we’re all about! So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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“After my wife died I was left with the painful task of cleaning out an entire home full of life over the last 20 years and her love of the Home Shopping Network. It was overwhelming. Pam showed up and made me an offer that included an Estate Sale and full cleanout of the property. They worked with me and my family to give us the time to get all the things we wanted before the sale and even after. The closing was fast and easy and the huge burdon was lifted. I can’t thank Pam and her team enough for their patience, compassion and professionalism. I would highly recommend doing business with them.”

- W.H., Willow Spring, NC

“Due to our finances we were forced to sell our home because we could no longer afford the payments. Our house had been under contract with another investor for 3 months and they had cut communication saying they would no longer buy the house for our agreed upon price. We had another 3 months on the contract. I got in touch with Pam and we were able to get released from the contract and get paid the exact price that we had agreed upon with the other “investors”. Had we not met Pam there’s no telling how long we would have been locked up with no other options, and no way to pay our bills. Closing was fast and easy and we are so thankful to have found Pam and YHM Property Solutions.”

- Marzella E., Raleigh, NC

“My sister had signed my mother’s house over to herself shortly before my mom died. In the will, the house was left to me. Living in Atlanta, I had not been able to get it resolved in 10 years. While on a visit to NC I came in contact with Pam. She drove me over to an attorney, and at HER expense and with the attorney’s help they were able to get my sister to sign over the deed so I could finally sell the house and put closure to a long and painful process. She went over and above the call of duty. Her honesty and integrety are rare and what was a bad situation turned into a very pleasant experience.”

- Esther J., Zebulon, NC

“My wife died over a year ago and I was unable to make ends meet and keep up with the house payments. I was in foreclosure with my house set to action off within about 10 days. I was told by another investor that somehow my title was clouded and therefore couldn’t sell the house. Pam was referred to me by a friend and she immediately ordered a title search with her attorney. We got things cleared up quickly and easily. She made me a offer, I accepted and we closed on my house 2 days before the sale. I was able to walk away with my dignity and a sizable amount of cash to start my new life. I’m so grateful Pam and her team showed up when they did.”

- Tom B, Wake Forest, NC